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Fashion Blogging 101 – MaFashio

Written by 260Blog

Yesterday evening we led a session on all things fashion blogging in Zambia, for this months edition of the Lusaka WordPress Meetup.

We were floored and truly humbled by all the wonderful people that came out, both new & old (er) bloggers – shout out to the programmers and marketing people that came out too!

Many thanks to the lovely team at Fishaways Zambia  and EasyCook that provided our post session snacks; and Kreative Kingdom photography that captured it all.




























We were honoured to be able to share our journey – the ups and the downs of running a business and a blog in the fashion industry in Zambia. We left feeling richer and more inspired!

A special thank you to every single individual that came out, that asked questions and shared their stories with us too! You are the real MVPs!


                                                                                                 Kayi & Kii,


Original Author: Lady of Mafashio

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