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Should I some day be blessed with a son… I will look to the heavens with thanksgiving and say….

I promise to raise a good Man.

I promise to raise a God fearing man.

I promise to raise a believer 

I promise to raise a hard working man 

I promise to raise a man with the out most respect for women. 

I promise to show him kindness and teach him respect.

I promise to teach him to be able to see the good in people but never to be blinded by the evil in men.

I will tell him of dreams and the beauty of the human mind. To dream what he wants to dream. 

To trust himself, to test his limits. I will teach him of the strength in the human Will. 

I will teach him early (for it may take some time)to learn to have a conversation with his backbone so he may know who he truly is. And I do hope the answers and realizations come from his heart and his true self.  

I hope his life’s decisions are never influenced by friends nor family, no matter how much love he may hold otherwise his life as he knows it, will not be his own. But if he must, I only hope it is to the will and glory of God.  

Écoute son, As your mother, I want what is best for you and I want you to succeed in everything that you do.

If your want to be president, I will cast the first vote. If you want to be a basketball player, I hope I still have the skill to practice with you. And if you want to be an artist, I hope you paint the perfect picture. As long as you are true to yourself, I will be there to guide you. 

For all your boyish adventures, I hope you never fall to you knees but you probably will. So instead, I hope I will be there to pitch you up. But if it is this world that brings you to your knees, Remember our God. Always.

I hope you get your nitted socked to keep your feet warm every Christmas morning. 

I hope to instill in you good knowledge and wisdom to face  life as it comes 

I hope you get to travel the world, I bet you will love the ocean and I promise you sunsets will take your breath away.

And if he grows too big for my arms, to grown for good night kisses, too far for my reach, or too busy for my love… with God before me, behind me, besides me and with me, let it be known, I raised a good man.



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