3 Inspiring Creative Works for Mindfulness, Peace, and Joy

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As you may recall, I recently invited creators of all kinds to share their work to be featured in the “Community Creations” section on the site.

Given that I’ve been reconnecting with the power and joy of creativity, I’m excited to not only share the beautiful work other community members have created, but also perhaps inspire others to create who otherwise not have done it.

Late last week I got this new feed up and running and shared a number of paintings, songs, and videos. Below are a few that really spoke to me.

The Mountain of Shoulds by Brady Gill

Brady Gill has created a beautiful short film that reminds us all to tune out all the things we think we should do and connect with our own hearts. It’s just over six minutes long, and well worth a watch!

Heart of Healing by Rita Loyd

Also a contributor to the blog, Rita creates watercolor art that focuses on the message of nurturing self-love.

She created this particular painting after reflecting on what a powerful woman could look like. She’s someone who is fully aware of her own light, freedom, and power—someone who feels connected with the universe, which is why the universe flows through her hair.

I love that Rita’s paintings are so colorful and vibrant, and also so empowering!

Music for Painters by Michael Spivack

An artist and producer, Michael created this thirty-minute piece to be a “musical bubble” for his time spent working on pen and ink drawings in busy public places.

In his own words: “By providing stable textural spaces designed to allow the conscious mind to slow down, create space, and to express itself freely, it can be used as a meditative or self-reflective aide; a safe place to focus on mindfulness practices or discover personal truths that may be obscured by the noise of daily life.”

I listened to Music for Painters on repeat earlier this week while writing, and I was amazed by how peaceful and focused I felt.

You can find these artists’ bios and links, along with a number of other inspiring works, on the Community Creations feed. If you’d like to submit your own work, please fill out the form here!

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