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BT counts around 10 million households among its huge share of the UK internet market. That's a LOT of disgruntled customers it presumably had on its hands when it announced its latest round of price rises on BT broadband and Infinity fibre.

Deals are going up by as much as £2.50 a month from today. If you already have BT broadband, the standard Unlimited Broadband price will rise from £35.99 a month to £37.99. While its super fast fibre broadband offering, Unlimited Infinity 1, goes from £47.49 to £49.99.

BT cites 'making some great improvements to your service' as the reason for the price increase and promises BT Call Protect as a freebie for all customers to block nuisance calls. But we can't imagine that's going to placate most BT customers who don't even use their landline anyway.

Keep reading to see what you can do about the price rises – the good news is that you can still cancel your contract if you're not happy and received notification about the price rise after December 8. And if you were on the brink of going with BT but these price rises have put you off, then below we'll tell you which providers are offering the best broadband deals right now.

Best value broadband only deal

Best value fibre broadband deal

I'm a BT broadband customer? What can I do?

If you currently have your broadband through BT, you should already have been notified in writing about the price rise.

But the good news (for some) is that you're not lumbered with the hike. BT says that: 'Customers need to contact us within 30 days of receiving their pricing notification in order to leave without paying penalties.'

Unfortunately, that means that if you received your notice on or before December 8, then the window for action has now elapsed. But if you heard from BT after that date, then you won't be penalised for checking out our best broadband deals page and grabbing a better price.

If you're a recent newcomer to BT and were lucky enough to bag a cheap introductory price (like the ones in our comparison chart below), then we understand that your bills won't be affected by the price rise.

Today's best broadband deals:

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