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Pendo, in her third year studying Child psychology, really does not have any hobbies, but she does like being around people and just having a great time with them.She is proud to be Zambian and Tanzanian 🇿🇲🇹🇿 (yesss representing both countries haha).

Her flaw is her body image. Growing up, she always hanged out with her little brothers and most of her friends were boys too therefore body image wasn’t a topic that they talked about or discussed at all. So when her body began to develop, she wasn’t comfortable enough to accept the changes because she didn’t have enough confidence to talk about what was happening and ask questions about it.

She would wear large clothing to hide her body or wear hoodies all the time to make sure nobody notices the changes. She would look in the mirror and check herself out whenever she tried on new clothes like a…

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