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An Escape with Pandora – MaFashio

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 “What do you DO?”

We get asked this a lot.

As stylists and creative directors, our job is to transform an everyday story into something more, and in this case, some form of escape, whether with ourselves or with others.

 It’s all about crafting.

What are you trying to say, and how can clothes and a beautiful backdrop help you say that?

So what do we DO? We are story-tellers.

Jewelry is always one of the most important elements of telling an excellent fashion tale; and once again, our friends at Pandora make story-telling easy, with pieces crafted by the finest minds and hands.

In this story, we style each other in what we imagine we would wear on the perfect sunny day.

We imagine two best-friends, having escaped the big-city and stumbled across a cottage, nestled in a serene garden. There, they indulge in the best things about holidays – sleeping in, walks in the garden and lazy days by the waters-edge






Bracelet: Radiant Droplet charm | Sparkling Leaves Earrings | Sparkling Leaves Pendant Necklace |


Pink Field of Flowers charm on Silver chain | Lucky In Love dangling charm |



Primrose Stud Earrings | Infinite Shine Ring | Black Leather Rope Choker


Silver Charm Necklace with Fascinating Green Murano Glass charms + Ocean Mosaic Pavé charms


Bracelet: Poetic Blooms clips | Dazzling Daisies spacers | Fascinating Green Murano Glass Charm| Dazzling Daisies stackable ring |




Rings: Abstract Elegance | Dazzling Daisies


Shimmering Bouquet Ring (right hand)


Floating Locket + Love & Family petites


Rings: Hearts of PANDORA, Silver | Magnolia Bloom | Ring of Daisies | Radiant Hearts of PANDORA Light Pink |


Many thanks to all the wonderful people at Foxdale Forest for the perfect location & Pandora for their escape worthy spring collection, that inspired us to talk about our craft.
Creative Direction & Styling: MaFashio
Photography: Kwitu Group

What do you DO?

Kayi & Kii,


Original Author: Lady of Mafashio

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