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Boracay a Paradise  | Je_m_appelle_dre

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I have seen paradise. One with the most perfect white sand beaches,palm trees and clear turquoise-blue water, Boracay a dream. 

*Boracay thee incredibly beautiful island ? that one never wants to quite leave. *

Boracay is a tiny island in the Visayas region of the central Philippines and is the most popular travel destination in the Philippines.

The White Beaches is the main site of the island, stretching about 5km rounding the island, its easy to spend the whole time In Boracay with your feet in the sand. it’s listed as one of the world’s best beaches. 

what to do in Boracay 

•Enjoy mangos and pineapples day and night. King and i had everything mango and pineapple the whole time we were there. Mango/pineapple Juice,shakes,Lassis, Daquiri and Pinacolada never teasted so good ? I swear  the Philippines has the freshest, sweetest and juiciest mangos and pineapples ever, among other fruits. 

*Banana Pinache*

*grilled chicken and Mango topping from Chili’s?*

•sit by the beach sunrise to sunset.yes just sit at the beach.get lunch, busk in the sun, read a book, take pictures, meet new people swim a little bit. Watch the sunset, get dinner(still at the beach) have a few drinks. This may seem boring but the Boracay beaches are so beautiful you won’t want the day to end.

•watch the locals build sand castles.It’s creative art and pretty impressive, a sure look out.

•Go island hopping


•Visit the crystalcove Island 

*under cove 1. The sound of the waves of the  ocean hitting against rocks and splashes is thrilling. 

*Manny Pacquiao’s beach house*

•watch the sunset. Boracay has one of the most beautiful sunset yet. It is simply Magical, it is impossible to not be in awwat  the sight.

Look at God.?

•Dining out 

Restaurant and eating places are numerous and are in such variations  from all culinary regions of the world. The locals love to eat and so do I 

 Activities such as Zip Lines, parasailing, windsurfing,fly fishing banana boating ATV riding etc For Adventure seekers like myself  are also available. 

Getting to Boracay 

BY AIR: You can fly into either Caticlan airport or Kalibo Airport. 

Caticlan is the nearest airport to Boracay island.It is a smaller airport and so the planes that fly into caticlan are smaller and allow less laguage.You move from  the Airport to Caticlan Port, which is less than a 10 minute ride away, and from here a 2o minute ferry across to Boracay.

Kalibo  is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Caticlan Port. The positive aspects of flying into Kalibo is that it is a larger airport with larger planes, more generous baggage allowance and later flight arrivals (and departure) , which is better for international travellers who don’t arrive in Manila until later. In addition, you get to enjoy Kalibo sights.the Philippine countryside, rural farm life and coastline on your journey to Caticlan by coach or air-conditioned bus.


If you ever get to visit the Philippines be sure to visit Boracay.



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