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A budget travelers paradise 

Cebu City, Besides being a popular destination in the country, Cebu is also known as the Queen City of the South Philippines which is located in the Central Visayas. It is the second largest city in the country, the home to old churches and historical markers. 

According to my research, The best months to visit Cebu are the drier ones: November through June.The rainy season, which runs July to October but it isn’t so wet that you can’t do anything fun. However, they are some days in a week during the season that it  rains heavily. 

Accomodations wise, especially the more expensive ones have high and low-season prices. Which pretty much means “Peak season” which usually covers Christmas, New Year’s and the Chinese New Year.

Getting Started.

Research ??‍?a little in advance planning and research can definitely helps you make the most of your time and money on a vacation.Research about the places you want to see and activities you want to do. read reviews, but do not dwell on them some much as everyone has different experiences and generally different take on things. Research and enquirer on the places you are keen on staying at before booking, yes booking before hand saves a lot of hustle.

•Money?- change your money in advance, preferably as soon as you land in Manila, atleast for your transportation fare.There are tons of ATM machines around the city and is safest to use local banks and these banks are also  cheaper than in the airport for money change. However,  If you are a frequent traveler, you would know that additional fees apply for overseas bank transactions and sometimes your bank from your country might need to be pre-alerted that you are travelling to another country so they can release money to you when you use the ATM machines there. I remember a time my mother’s bank blocked money from her Card from being used(theft alert)in Dubai because they knew nothing of her trip, but that’s another story.

•Transportation- most tourists settle for taxis, it’s faster and more convenient, but be sure to ask for a metered Cab to avoid any unnecessary extra charges. If you are feeling a little more adventurous and probably have more time on you, you can try the very Filipino way of transportation, colorful Jeepney. 

* These are common in Manila*

*i can’t describe how in love I was with the Jeepney*- Common in Cebu.

•Hire a tour guide?-The idea that hiring a guide is for amateur tourists is really a big misconception. Hiring a guide could be the best move you make especially  if you are going to be in a place for a short period of time, it’s a good way to visit major sites within a short space of time. Remember to be nice. I believe your niceness towards your tour guide will some how determine their niceness towards you. Trust me you don’t want to ruin your vacation over some misplaced attitude. Be nice

What to Do

•shopping- there is SM City Cebu, a haven with 2 set apart movie theater and over 200 shops and restaurants. And also Ayala Center mall. The city offers many popular tourist spots around and just about an hour or less travel apart. E.g.  Taoist Temple , Sairo Garden and Tops are some places to go visit.

1. Taoist Temple -This temple preserves the teachings of Lao-Tsu,the 600 B.C. Chinese philosopher. its 81 steps represents the 81 chapters of Taoism scriptures.

*Due to Temple rules it was difficult to take pictures*

*The dragon statue *

*The view of Bervely Hills from the temple.*


2.Temple of Leah -Like the Taj Mahal, which was built by a man to commemorate the woman he loved, so is the Temple of Leah. *Now aren’t some women loved*

Almost like “Tops” it has a beautiful view of the city but considering the fact that it was under construction and not much to see at the time of my visit, it wasn’t worth the 50 peso entrance fee. Maybe 25 but not 50.-Great place for pictures tough.


*Temple of Leah, a tribute of love*

3. Sirao Gardens – ambiance, lovely view.

4.Heritage Monuments of Cebu-a massive monument representing the history of Cebu. 

You can round this place in less than 15 minutes.*

5.“Tops”-is a hectare area of concrete viewing. It sits on a mountain top and gives the perfect view of the whole city of Cebu, Mactan And Bohol Islands.

*the view from up here?*

The area is mostly concrete with interesting circle stone architecture. It has a bar and snacks. 

The Tops experience is one not to be missed. 

6.Font San Pedro-The smallest, oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. It served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. The walls are 20 feet high.

7. Lapu Lapu Statue- Lapu Lapu was a  chieftain who killed Fernandez Magellan  in 1521 at a battle on the northern coast of Mactan Island, delaying Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

He is regarded as a national hero.

*The actual battle site where the ships flooded.*

8.Island hopping You can’t miss out on Cebu City  island hopping experience . The Mactan Island seashore offers incredible views with the opportunity of fun memories . 

9. Adventure-fun under water and above

•Getting up close to nature.-basically, just do it ✅

•Combat your fear of heights and feel the thrill of being suspended above the ocean With these safe yet intense adventure.   

*images of parasailing literally unable to upload • no idea*
10. Kawasan Falls/ Tumalog Falls. 

Though I did not personally get the chance to visit either of these places (Falls) but for the sake of this blog and according to my research, it is worth the visit, you might want to add it to your list. often the Kawasan Falls is listed as one of the most beautiful Falls,not just locally but globally.

Finally- A major shout out to Filipinos.I found Filipinos to be friendly, welcoming, pretty honest and kind. Everywhere we went we meet smiles and experienced genuine hospitality. From the airport, to hotel management, to restaurant service, souvenir shops, our tour guides and everyday people played a part in giving us a worthwhile experience. From King and myself, Thank you.



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