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Every time I want to write about love, I seem to have nothing in mind. I guess it’s a reminderof how painful love can be. But this I know…

I want that feel good love kinda love, my friends think am crazy kinda love.

I want that tell me all your secrets kinda love, wake up early make u breakfast kinda love. 

I want that invest in me kinda love, no matter what happens u will always get the best of me kinda love.

Am not talking about that shallow stuff, I want that deep kind. The kiss me slowly and hold me tight kinda love.

I want that buy me flowers kinda love. Not too much Zass but just enough reckless kinda love.

I heard love is blind but I don’t need that blind $#!t. I want the light kinda of love, walk with me and show me the way kinda love. 

I want that grab my hand and take a walk with me kinda love, with the same enthusiasm you would have when you pack your bags and travel the world with me kinda love. 

I want that walk on the beach kinda love, the one you kiss me under the moon light kinda love. 

I want that fire blaze kinda love, the one that would make the oceans thirst kinda love.

I don’t want that Romeo and Juliet kinda love, I want that grandma and granddad grow old with me kinda love.

I want that get on your knees and pray for me kinda love, the one that u talk to God about us kinda love. An imperfect but pure kinda of love. 
I want that longevity kinda love, the one that will birth my seed and live to remember our names even after we are 6ft under. 
But you see, am not a love poet, so I can’t write about that.



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