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From Cebu to Bohol Island

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It’s no news that the Philippines is an international tourist attraction country. Now most posted and publicized by the visitors  enchanted by it. And this vacation, I have added to that number in both ways. 

Without a doubt the beaches (white sands) is top listed must visit place for any visitor coming to the Philippines but what most people might not know is there is a lot more activities and sightseeing places in the Philippines. Yes the country holds beautiful coastlines and breath taking beaches but it is just as rich in historical buildings and landscapes. 

Bohol island, not as internationally famous or spoken of as Boracay nor Palawan, it holds incredible sights of which I had the pleasure to experience  and I believe,it too,Is worth every visit. This is my Bohol story……

Getting to BoholThere are ferries that sail from the port of Cebu to Bohol daily. Costing about P500 per trip, we booked with the Ocean jet ferry for the early morning trip. They have normal class(too deck), air conditioning class(good option-it’s hot) and the business class( more private and space).

We spent a whole day in Bohol which was quite enough  for me to fall and want to visit the island again. 
What to do in Bohol

  1. Loboc River Cruise

Loboc river cruise is a relaxed active, it’s a good and easy way to endure in nature. The loboc river has a rich  clean green color and is surrounded by coconut trees, mountains and hills. The cruise offers a buffet otherwise known as the floating restaurant equipped with enjoyable live music throughout the cruise and a one stop for local live band and dance performances to serenade one into Filipino lifestyle.

The cruise starts from the Loboc town and travels upstream until the Busay Falls.

Payment–P900 for the ride, food and drinks included.

2. Loboc Ecotourism adventure Park

This is where the breathing view was-Ziplining across the Loboc river 

This was the view of the loboc river and Hills from the cable above.

We took the cable car from one point to the other. Then the zip line heading back( this was an amazing experience and I would do it all over if I could).

Now this view up here is one I will never forget. The feeling of being up there, free and looking down at this, I mean look at God.

Payment– P350 combo(cable car/Zipline) and P250 to collect pictures that are automatically taken while one the Zipline. Given on a CD.

3. Chocolate hills

Only found in bohol, the chocolate hills, or as the Filipino call it “Tsokolateng Burol” is probably Bohol’s most toured site. They look like giant cluster of green land paintings or like king said “the look like breast”😅😅.

They are uniform in shape and are covered in green (at the time I visited), however during the dry season, they hills lose the grass green rich color and appears or turns into a chocolate brown color hence the name Chocolate hill. I would like to see them in the chocolate form, maybe someday. 

We got to the top of the hills by bike. This was my first time riding but it was so easy and supper fun. Our tour guide left no room for boredom or accident ( tour guide taught me well 👌🏽)

That’s him and am sorry I can’t remember his name late alone attempt to write it, but if u ever get there expect nothing less.

Payment-we paid P100 by the Entrance gate, another P100 to check the hills and P900 for the bike. They are two combo options for the bikes which are both of the same price so either way=P900.

4.Mahogany Forest 

On your way to the Chocolate hills, it is impossible to miss the man made Mohogany Forest that stretch about two kilometers on the highway stranding uniformly tall, green and evenly spaced out on both sides of the road. It was a project started to save the island from deforestation and today it archS into a tourist site.

 There is no parking space so cars and tour buses just stop by the road side and it’s a normal to stand right in the middle of the highway for a perfect picture. 

I am guilty of taking part in the act. But before you make this your last picture ever, be cautious because it still is a busy highway after all. 

5. The hanging Bridge 

Shaky, unstable and scarey, the hanging bridge is made of Baambo tree and steel rail, not the safest bridge really but it was quite a thrill and worth a site. As you walk the bridge it wadges left and right so u will be doomed to not hold onto the rails,it’s pretty dangerous. Once you cross the bridge to the other side you might be disappointed to find nothing spectacular besides a souvenir shop and cocconut stand. The bridge itself isn’t out of this world but it sure is unusual 

*i dared to sit for a picture, take about risk taking huh*

6.Tarsier Sanctuary 

It has Large brown eyes, hairless ears, long finger like claws and a tail longer than its body.

The Bohol Tarsiers  are about 5 inches and are considered as the world’s smallest primate. Its size is no longer than an adult man’s hand.

•Getting around Bohol- I would recommend tour groups or book a tour guide to drive you around. This way is faster and more convenient especially if you want to do and see more.
NOTE: For other things to do, you can check out TripAdvisor . I only spent a day  in Bohol so these are the things i got to try and can share. Should I get to visit again, i will see more of Bohol but be sure to do the Zipline once again ☺.



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