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First things first. I always knew the Philippines was a Christian country, I didn’t however know it’s rather a catholic country. Birthed by the Agustinese,Catholicism is deeply rooted here.

I had the pleasure of of visiting is a walled city in the historic district of Manila. One of the major sites in the city is San Agustin Church which is the oldest church in the Philippines at 450 years old and still standing. 

*San Agustin Church *

*this main entrance door is everything *

Brunched off from the church Is the church museum with artistic display and authentic pieces. Every picture/piece has a story or explains its origin, I can’t do that here so I will just share a few pictures from the place. Very few considering the vast  place. 

*a setting of the last super *

*i am so in love with this window picture, I could stare all day*

This was one of my favorite pieces. The Virgin Mary clothed in Armor. Made in the 1700s

Need I say more, this left in in awe. 




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