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Manila is often criticized and spoken of missing out on and heading straight off to the islands. Most of the criticism may be true, it is pretty polluted and startlingly busy, but to leave it at that is to tell only half the story, like Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche said, “to focus only on the negative stories is to  flatten ones experience and to over look the many other stories that form one”.Putting  the negatives aside, you’ll find that Manila is a city that’s collected of tiny towns that are, despite the fast-pace, worth a visit.

If you are looking for something relaxing to do when you are in Manila, consider visiting  Manila Bay especially during sunset. Even if you are not familiar with  Manila bay , just grab a taxi, they will know the way, every local does. As you walk along the Manila Bay you will see the locals  and  foreigners alike strolling,skating or sitting in different areas trying to capture the perfect Manila sunset .

* The natural refection of the sun on the water makes for a very nice Sunset picture.*

Filipinos are very friendly people and are quick to offer  help and suggestions, they are really kind to sharing information with foreign tourists.

*candy cotton clouds*

Even though I only stayed in Manila for a few days,twice during my vacation,I very much enjoyed it. And would surely do it again.


*This is not a picture by me. I never got to see this at sunset. It makes for a beautiful picture all the same* photo credit anyone??

What to do in Manila|Bay

1.Intramurous ( the walled city)

(More on intramours sperate post)

2. Manila Ocean Park- It is the country’s first world-class marine theme park. integrated  with marine life attractions the park is geared towards an all-year, all-weather destination for all.

*jellies Exhibition*

I really loved the Park I would definitely recommend it. Other park Attractions: Birds of prey kingdom, Fish spa,penguin exhibit, mermaid swim experience,sharks and rays and Oceanariums being the most of the parks attractions. Etc

3. SM mall of Asia- listed as the 11th biggest mall in the world and one of the biggest in Asia, the name “mall of Asia” fits the part.

*be sure to catch this sight on your way to the  Mall*

4. Horse 🐴 ride in Manila bay 

*expirence a Cinderella story*

*Try to find you a health horse, this big guy here messed the floor up pretty good. I didn’t enjoy seeing this but some how I took a picture.Cliqué*

5. Malate Church ⛪️- lovely small Church. Not as guarded as San Agustin or Manila Cathedral 

*outside the church looks so so*

*you can find the horses and bugged outside  Malate Church*

*beautiful light fountain about 5o meters front of Malata Church by night*

6.Manila bay🌅-it’s a must for every tourist to watch the disappearing sun by the bay. Get there late afternoon/ early evening. it’s pride is the sun setting , you don’t want to miss it. 

*before sunset*

*According to the locals, children tend to swim as it is not deep but that has since reduced due to pollution. I must add this was the downfall of the bay especially if you sit by the pavement instead of the park bench*

*The sunset there was so beautiful. I loved sitting by the bay filling nothing but fulfillment *

*watching the sunset gives me serenity *

*Manila bay provides one of the best sunsets, without a doubt *

6. Enjoy dinner and sunset on a Cruise 

7. 💃🏾🕺🏽if you a little life of the party,Malate is the place to go for Manila’s vivacious bar hopping scene. From girlie bars to beer fests and the well known Filipino live band singing.

Note: Tour/city guides can be found easy and almost anywhere. You can always lookout for more. 



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