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Nyumbani Tamu Nyumbani ?‍?‍?‍??? – ThinkkFashion

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nyumbani ni mahali ambapo moyo wangu ni

“A wise person will always find a way.”  African proverbs

As we get closer and closer to entering a new year, i keep reflecting back on this year. The most memorable thing i did in 2016 was travelling back home to Zambia?? and Tanzania ??  

Sometimes we get too comfortable j in the place that we’re at and this can make us lose or forget our roots and identity. I haven’t been back to Zambia or Tanzania over 4 years so when i heard that we’re travelling back for a holiday, ah you best believe i was overly excited! 

I made so many plans, wrote down so many ideas of what i wanted to buy, to see, and of course all the foods i wanted to eat when i got there. Of course all my plans didn’t go as planned and the trip didn’t feel long enough lol but i wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I want to share some of the pictures from my Zambian trip, enjoy! 

Ahhh Nshimaa, vegetables, dry fish and sausages ? *my older brother’s the best cook everrr!*

Hungry lion!!! Yessssssss

Meet my friends ?

Lets move to Tanzania for a second, i loved this half of the trip so much! I got to see my grandma, my moms side of the family. We went to the village and this was great for me and my sibling because we saw the other side.. We really came back appreciating what we have and where we are because these people didn’t have much but they made the most out of what they did have. It really humbled me and motivated me to work even harder so i can take care of them one day. 

Well here are some of the pictures from our Tanzanian trip ?

My grandma ❤❤

This is a picture of just some of my grandmas grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and laughed a little- i had so much fun writing this blog post! So sorry for the long length of the post but i just couldn’t help myself lol ? 

Stay blessed! ❤

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