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Rite Of Passage – MaFashio

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This week we visited 37D Gallery for an exhibition hosted by the stART Foundation for local artist, David Makala’s first solo exhibition, aptly titled ‘Rite of Passage‘.

“David Makala is an emerging artist in Zambia, working as a painter and sculptor. David is a member of the Henry Tayali Gallery in Lusaka and participates in the artist workshops and exhibition which are held there. David is a rising star in the artistic community in Zambia. He has a very unique and individual style, self-taught, with faint echoes of Klimt, in which he portrays the inner consciousness or dream state of his subjects.”

His new body of work – Rite of Passage – explores the transgression and transition of cultural heritage in Africa, identifying the reed mat as an important element of where stories are born and passed on over generations. These stories transition the young into adulthood through ceremonial performances.

With unique material and versatile techniques, David navigates the fragile parallel of traditional ceremonies and his artistic interpretation.

Experience his work with us, below.

Kii: Blouse – The Fix | Wide-leg pants – ChizO Designs | Sneakers – JET




‘The Enchantress’



Kayi: Blouse – Joyce Mushili Tailoring | Crop pants – Salli*Saint | Creepers – The Fix





Interested in Zambian art, would like to know more?

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Kayi & Kii,


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