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Flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, lace-ups, peep-toes, I love just shoes!  

OK so you know when you go shopping and the first thing you do is search around the shop to see what catches your eye, well my eyes are captured by shoes. The shine, the height, the pop of colours, the patterns my goodness… I just love shoes! I remember when i was little i used to wear little court heeled shoes with the Lacey white shocks, walking moving my little hips side to side just because i wanted to like the older girls lol. But after i hit my teen years and my body started changing ? i really didnt want to accept the changes (fully story on self-love will be coming soon) so i dressed up in large clothing and flat shoes all the time to make sure no ones noticed my changes lol its actually funny now when i think about it.

 Growing up mom would always say “when going to church a girl must always be dressed smart like a nice long skirt or dress, some cute handbag and some nice shoes” So ofcourse she went out and got me some black mid heeled court shoes lol. It took me a whole year to learn how to walk in them and after a little while i started loving heels and that’s how my obsession of shoes started lol yes i call it an obsession- don’t judge me. 

Anyways enough of my boring childhood stories .. Lets move on to something fun ?? are you ready for this? Are you sure? Well lets begin… 
So i used some of my beautiful friends to help me showcase some of the different types of shoes from heels to sneakers to flats the list goes on- THANK YOU GIRLS?

  1. Trainers/ sneakers 

  • Adidas superstars- these babies are like  hot cakes right now! Everybody wants them, everybody needs them. 

These shoes can be bought from footlocker, adidas store, online stores for only £40 – £55 ahhh You guys!! Everyone needs a pair of white trainers ? and these shoes are just the catch.

  • New Balances- these trainers are just so cute! So cute just look..

They make your feet look so tiny and cute, everybody looks at your feet  like “wow you really have cute little feet, what size are you? Size 3” lol no ?actually am a size 5… Am a grown woman!  But seriously guys these shoes pull you together like a belt! Price ranges from £45- £60 depending on which make you go for 

P.s those are not my legs lol so shout out to my girl Ifeee!  You can follow her on insta @ifeee ? 

  • Nike air Max – if am honest with you, am more of a adidas lover than nike but these trainers are buff! Nike air Max are true classics. They rang from £45- £70 a bit pricely but we can work on it 

With some nice ripped jeans and a killer jacket ahhhh  guys ? its a turn’up!! Watch me ?

My girl came wearing some buff black and white Air Max paired with some blue ripped jeans and a blushing pink bodysuit and bomber jacket. Thanks Cheidza! You can follow my girl on instagram @chiiedzaa to see more of her? 

  • Nike Air Huaraches Run Ultra- i know i sound abit confusing right now lol i just said am not a huge fan of Nike i knoww.. But if the shoes hot then the shoes hot! So when i saw these hot little babies on my girl Anita well you best believe i fell in deep love ? yesssssssss girl!! 

The pop of colours that are happening right there is what caught my eyes .. She looked so cool ?  throw on some black leggings paired with a simple dark green top and finish it off with killer biker leather jacket ahhhhhh come’on!  say something to me!! Lool

The price ranges from £55- £99 .. Yes i just said it £99 ? like who’s gonna pay that amount of money just in shoes .. Well i don’t know but what i do know is that you can hustle and find yourself a cheaper pair. EBay, Amazon, online sales are always going off so be on a look out. 

  • Classic black converses – These are really a MUST HAVE. Everyone needs them in their shoe collections, they are easy and comfort to wear i mean you can rock them babies anywhere any day. 

Price ranges from £30- £45 but don’t hold me on that because am not so sure on the different prices in different countries ofcourse. 

Look at how chilled out and comfortable Fadzi is looking .. Just an everyday chilled out look and i love it! Before i forget my girl Fadzi has a YouTube channel that is popping right now so guys please do show some love ‘ThisIsFadzi’  and also her instagram @thisisfadzi ?

2. Flats shoes 

Its not heels everyday girls no, sometimes a nice little pair of flats can be a life saver. These cute lace-up black flats are really a great way to spice up a simple look whilst staying comfortable. 

A pretty little dress or even jeans and a simple top would do make these shoes stand out. You can find these babies from new look, primark £8 (where we got this pair from) river island, miss guided.. these shoes can be found in many shops in stores and online so be on a look out. 

3. Slippers! 

My favourite! If you know me then you know i live in these shoes .. Summer time i rocked these babies everywhere like no joke lol team Adidas!! ?

£14 guys! I know you can even get them on a cheaper price range, they are comfortable and i love the simple design on them. 

Jump on them guys!! Girls, boys, auntys, uncles, mummy and daddy please get yourself a pair of Adidas slippers

4. High heels

  • High Court shoes- Believe me, as soon as i saw these shoes in the Dorothy Perkins i couldn’t stop looking at them. Just have a look first .. 

The colour, the shape of the shoe, the height of the heel .. Everything just makes sense and comes together nicely. 

I got these babies for £25 last year so am not sure if they are still in stoke but i know you can get court shoes from many shops such as miss guided, river island, primark, just fab an online store has some really nice court shoes just them out. I paired these shoes two weeks ago when i attended a wedding with a nice black body suit, a full skirt and a leather jacket. Maybe i could do an outfit blog showing you guys some of my outfit ideas for some of the shoes in this blog .. Let me know ?

5. Lace up’s 

I love lace ups! They bring a little bit of magic to your outfit.. Okay just imaginelike a simple black dress, throw on this cute little pair and POW! You are killing it ? okay no need to imagine it .. Let me show you 

Seeeeeee i told you!! She really looked sexy. This was her look for my 21st  birthday meal and i must say she was trying to steal my shine ? i was in my feelings just a little lol but its cool ? she still looked killer. These shoes were from pretty little thing an online store and they were £22 but am sure they’ve reduced the price by now. P.s please never forget to paint your toe nails lol make sure your little piggys are looking all cute n that 

  • Orange is the new black – i totally agree with that! 

I had to leave my favourite pair until the end ofcourse, these little badman’s are favourite for many reasons. One being that i got them gonna sale for £6 in primark (my second home).. Yes you heard right, £6 !!! I was so exited i went straight and paid for them, lol no playing around mate! ? 

So Victoria wanted to be like a model? she’s there shouting at me to take a picture of her laying on a sofa  like Kendal Jenner ? ah i just couldn’t wait for the shoot to end at that point lol but seriously thank you Vicky for modelling the shoes!  Follow her on insta @vickssx

Follow me in Instagram for more pictures  @missyxendo

I also paired these bad guys with a nice black off the shoulder top, black choker and a black and white skirt when i attended my friends wedding in august and it really worked! Well i think it did .. What do you think ?
So its been fun writing this blog, like seriously fun ? shoes are my favourite part of an outfit, the first thing i notice when i meet someone is what type of shoes they are wearing. I hope this blog wasn’t too long or too boring and you guys got to see some of my favourite type of shoes and how you can wear them. Anyways before i leave, heres just a sneak peak of my shoe collection at Uni ….

Until the next blog remember, life is too short to wear boring shoes ? spice up your shoe collection throw in some pop of colour, some unique textures and just have fun !  

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