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Style Feature: Tafadzwa Michelle Sakarombe

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One thing that comes with the fashion industry is being able to be inspired by other people’s sense of style whether male or female. It may come from how they put their outfits together, what type of material/texture of clothing they choose and what era they draw their inspiration from too. 

Without any further delay, i had the pleasure of featuring Tafadzwa Michelle Sakarombe also known as “Mixie” from Zimbabwe who’s sense of style is definitely an eye catcher. I managed to wrap up a few Q&A with Mixie so we could get caught up in her world.

Q. Who is Tafadzwa Michelle Sakarombe?  

A. Well ,a free spirit who is constantly discovery herself .

Q.Have you always been into fashion? 

A. I have always had a love for fashion but it took me a whole before I discovered my personal style.

Q.How do you describe your style? 

A. Mmm, my style is always determined by the day but there are always some traits of vintage .I’m a soul that belongs in the 70s but I also want to blend with the 21st century .

Q.Who or what inspires your style ? 

A.I mostly draw my inspiration from my surroundings but most of all I always go back to some pics of outfits I have worn before & I try to create a new look .

Q.How do you pick out or select your outfit for the day? 

A.Definately my mood !!! Then of course I consider where am going .It’s always those two elements that act as deciding factors.

Q.What are your closet favourite? 

A. My oversized orange Ali shirt I have worn it a million times can be a dress,kimono, skirt’s basically my life!!!

Q. Whose closet would you raid?

A. Vutlharhi Nkwinika (@thepartyandafterparty on IG ) the kid is super retro !!!!


Q.What are your favourite go to stores? 

A.If I’m not thrifting ,I’m in Cotton On.

Q.What would you say should always be in our readers’ closets in terms of clothing items? 

A. A good pair of jeans it does wonders for your figure 🙂 

Q. Do you style a person based on your style preference or theirs? 

A. I always make it a point to know the client then style them basing on their personality .When it comes to styling Im all about pleasing the client.

Q. What is your go-to look?

A. Aaaaw man a pair of mom jeans no doubt !!!Those jeans do wonders for me .

Q. How can people reach you?

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