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When it comes to a suit, having a perfect fitting suit is everything. Even the most expensive suit will look bad if it isn’t tailored to the contours of your body


 I have always challenged myself to try out new looks inorder to diversify my fashion sense and also  to get out of my comfort zone.


 it’s important for every guy to invest in a perfect fitting suit for those high end occasions.  

A few tips to take note of when buying your suit are; 

1. Make sure your suit jacket should be long enough to cover the zipper of your trousers. 

2. The shoes should always complement the colour of your suit. 

3. The trousers should be uniquely fitted and gracefully fall on top of your shoe or above your ankles. 

4. Make sure your jacket’s shoulder seams sit on the ends of your shoulder blades. 



Hope the tips given when buying or having your suit custom made are considered. More pictures below… 


Original Author: Milimo Chilala

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