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Colossians 3:16 -Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.

Welcome back guys?!

 I love to dress smart and creative on Sundays.  I was told at a young age that we should always wear our best when going to church, no tight jeans, ripped jeans, hoodies etc. So every Saturday night i would plan out my outfit for church and make sure it is appropriate to wear. The right pair of shoes, knee length or over the knee skirts and dresses and trying out hair styles that will go with my outfit lol i know it sounds like its alot of work?

Let me just say this now, church isn’t a fashion show and you shouldnt have a mindset of trying to outshine other with your outfit. The purpose of going to church is to fellowship with others, encourage one another through sharing the word of God and praying together. So don’t get me wrong do wear your best and be comfortable, however know why you’re going to church and always put that as your first priority! 

Alright, now lets have some fun as i show you some church outfit ideas. A huge thank you to my friend Davido (his not the singer Davido guys lool don’t get too happy?)  he really did come through thanks Davido! 


Very happy indeed ?! Davido was wearing dark blue trousers, black smart shoes, a watch, a crisp white shirt with a black lined neck design and a statement dark red and dark blue blazer. 

Shoes: Topman £30-55

 Trousers: Asos £12 ( you can find cheaper smart trousers from primark or new look men)  

White mens shirt: Topman sale £15-£25 ( you can get a cheaper similar shirt from primark, new look men, f&f, George etc) 

Men’s watch : Kingdom Ave from £186 -£200 (now i wish i knew where he got his male ring from! I forgot to ask) 

Statement blazer: Topman, Zara men etc from £55-250..

.. He really did look handsome, don’t you agree ?

Keep it fun and colourful! #SundayDress

 Am a sucker for colour and dresses! This pretty little number that my girl Ife wore made me miss summer. 

Dress: Bhs £15 ( you can also find similar dresses from new look, quiz, h&m etc) 

Black mid-heeled Shoes : primark £12

POW! Bag: New look sale £9 (my favourite!)

Leather jacket: Topshop £25 

She’s a beautiful soul! Thank you Ife ?

Take a chill pill‘ #keepcalmitsnotthatdeep

For those cold and rainy sundays, this outfit will come in handy.. Believe me! My girl Vicky is soo weak when it comes to coldness, so she went for a warm yet chilled Sunday look? 

Nude mid-heeled Shoes: Primark £12 

Jeans: primark  sale £5  ( i know i said no ripped jeans but she wanted to, lol i couldn’t change her mind even after trying for hours. Am just glad the ripples weren’t too open or too showy) 

White bodysuit/ top: new look £7

Boyfriend Coat (that’s the style name of the coat ? no deep thoughts guys ?): Asos £25

She looked simple, chilled yet eyecatching. She definitely went for a not so traditional Sunday outfit, so if you do like to taking risks lol then here’s an outfit idea for you. 

However you can switch things up with this look by taking away the jeans and  the top and replacing it with a nice white dress whilst keeping the lovely light brown boyfriend coat… Let me show you .. 

Thanks Victoria ?
Take three!  #LetTheWindBlow

This look is called take’three because i wore this fullmidi skirt before in different outfits – #throwback 

Second look…

But this time around i wanted to keep my outift simple and warm. I paired my midi full black skirt with a warm Olive green jumper, dark green mid heeled shoes, black leather jacket and of course a smile ? (haha that was really cheesy i know, sorry ?)
Dark green mid heeled Shoes- primark £12 (if you haven’t noticed already, we all wore the same shoes but in different colours. These shoes are just so comfortable! ) 

Green jumper: Bank/Ark £6

Black full midi Skirt: Quiz £20

Just look at the details on this beautiful skirt! ? 

Leather jacket : Topshop £16.. I love this biker jacket! 


Well guys that’s it for now, these are just a few church ideas for anyone who wants to try something different. You can also wear these outfits to different events, lets not just lable them as  “Sunday best” these can be wore out in different ways, at different places. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and Thank you guys for supporting my blog, even if its one person reading this lol am still grateful for the support! ? 

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