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I woke up at 9 am, which is early compared to my usual rising hour, I won’t say what time but just know that it is pretty late. I made my bed like one makes a sandwich, blankets first bed sheets somewhere in between and like the top of a bun sprinkled with wheat seeds my brown duvet. Today was meant to be the day that I went into town to find my next hairstyle, I had no idea what it was going to be the plan was when I saw it, I would know it was the one. That is how my life decisions are made, jokes just my hair decisions. I took a shower and then looked for my days outfit, everything I picked was either stained or just dirty which is really the same thing (don’t judge me).



I decided to push my quest to find a hairstyle to the side and get my long overdue laundry done. So I sorted my clothes and thought to myself “I’m going to need lots of energy for this, “and so I went to make some breakfast. Half way through my breakfast I got a text letting me know that Prof Patricia Greene was available for an interview that day at pm (You can read about her on my previous post HERE). I requested this interview early that week and didn’t think they would get back to me with a YES. It was now a few minutes past 11 am, I really wanted to do this interview but there were so many reasons why I could not do it.

T shirt : Gift | Jeans: Mud boutique


  1. I only had two hours to get ready and get there and arriving late for something like this would be so unprofessional.
  2. My hair was a hot mess, I couldn’t do an interview looking like I just rolled out from under a bed “your appearance is PR.”
  3. I live in an area that is far from everything and public transport is how I get around. We all know that’s a recipe for lateness.
  4. Remember when I said I was about to do my laundry, I still had nothing to wear.
Ankara Head wrap : Mums closet | Watch: Gift
Wedges: Jet

See I had every reason not to do this or should I say every excuse. Shortly after my mom walked into the room and I showed her the text and told her all the reasons why I could not go. She said two words to me “just go, “she went on to say none of my excuses were good enough to miss out on something I really wanted to do. So I went through my closet and put together a quick look, as for my hair I could not traumatize the world so I tucked it into a head wrap. It was now a few minutes past 12 pm, taking a bus was going to be a big mistake and so I got onto a taxi it made a hole in my purse but it was worth it. At this point I was not dwelling on my “problems “but solutions to them. I finally got to the Stanbic training center which is where the interview was to be held.


Prof Patricia Greene and I

I got to meet Prof Patricia Greene, she is bubbly and a great conversationalist one of the things she talked about during the interview was to make it as an entrepreneur one should be an opportunist and see opportunities everywhere. This hit me on a personal level and made me flashback on my whole day, this was an opportunity that came knocking at my door and I almost said no to it.


This was a classic example of how one can stand in their own way, people often by make excuses and assume that things will always happen on their timeline and when they have everything ironed out and ready (guilty).But sadly that is not how life works some opportunities will show up when you are least ready and you have two options to either make a long list of excuses or just go for it. My advice is just go for it because lady opportunity is not very patient.

Press play to watch my interview with Prof Patricia Greene

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