8 Recipes I Know My Kids Will Love

Written by 260Blog

Ah, children. They can be our biggest fans and also our biggest challengers when it comes to cooking. Getting a meal on the table that they will eat sometimes feels like a Herculean task.

I’ve got twin boys. One will eat almost anything and the other is much more unpredictable about what he’ll object to—or embrace.

Still, I’ve figured out what sorts of dishes work best and make a meal that they’ll both enjoy. It typically includes things that lots of kids like: pizza variations, sandwich-oriented foods that can be eaten with one hand, and anything with potatoes, cheese, or bread.

Here are eight recipes that I know my boys will love. Wherever you see fit, feel free to add more vegetables or other interesting ingredients that you know your own kids will respond to positively.

What recipes do you know your kids will always love and eat?

Source:Simply Recipes

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