Plusnet launches UK's cheapest fibre broadband deal

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Price wars are never pretty – unless you're a consumer. And Plusnet's latest limited-time discount means that it's now offering the cheapest broadband deals of anybody in the UK.

It's surely no easy task competing with the might of the likes of BT broadband and Virgin Media, but relative minnow Plusnet more than holds its own. Plusnet's new offering of 17Mb broadband for just £17.99pm undercuts Sky by a pound a month. There's a tenner activation fee, but you'll also be eligible for £75 cashback. That means a net spend of just over £250 for the 18 month contract, which is – by some distance – the very cheapest way you can get home internet.

The bargains on faster fibre are similarly compelling. £24 a month for a year and £50 cashback sound pretty good in their own right. Throw in FREE activation and it's a stone cold classic deal.

The only catch is that the monthly payments will go up by a pound after July. But the prices remain brilliant – to see just how good they are, we'll show you the top three cheapest standard and fibre broadband deals from the major providers below. And if you want to extend your hunt to superfast fibre, broadband and TV packages or anything else, check out our main broadband deals comparison page.

Top 3 cheapest standard speed broadband deals

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband | 18 months | Up to 17Mb | Line rental inc. | No TV | £10 activation| £17.99pm | £75 cashback
At £22.50 a month, Plusnet's ADSL broadband pricing just wasn't cutting the mustard. Whip a fiver off the price and offer £75 cashback however, and suddenly this deal is the king of the broadband jungle. You can get your mits on this deal now, and have until 20 June to do so.

View this deal at Plusnet broadband

TalkTalk Fast Broadband| 12 months | Up to 17Mb | Line rental inc. | No TV | FREE activation| £20pm
TalkTalk is the cheapest of the big boys at £20 on the nose. It doesn't really throw in too many bells or whistles – aside from a free 500MB a month SIM card for your phone – but an extra fiver a month will get you access to 80+ Freeview channels and six from Sky.

View this deal at TalkTalk broadband

Sky Broadband Unlimited | 12 months | Up to 17Mb | Sky Talk Anytime Extra | No TV | £9.95 activation| £22.99pm
If you still use your landline home phone, then this deal from Sky is very attractive indeed. In addition to its unlimited 17Mb broadband, your £22.99 a month includes Talk Anytime Extra, too. That let's you make as many calls as you like to UK landline AND mobile numbers. A win for chatterboxes.

View this deal at Sky broadband

Top 3 cheapest fibre broadband deals

Plusnet | 12 months | Up to 38Mb | Phone line inc. | No TV | FREE activation | £24pm | £50 cashback
Plusnet has taken a pound a month off its standard Unlimited Fibre deal for this offer, as well as scrapping the £25 activation fee and giving you a £50 kick back. The result…? The cheapest fibre broadband deal on the market right now. Marvelous.

View this deal at Plusnet broadband

TalkTalk Faster Fibre | 18 months | Up to 38Mb | Line rental inc. | No TV | FREE activation| £25pm
If you want to go mainstream, then TalkTalk is again the most affordable option. £25 a month for these speeds is superb, especially when you consider that you don't pay a penny upfront. You may consider the 18 month contract a blessing or a curse – on one hand, you're tied in for a year-and-a-half, on the other TalkTalk is guaranteeing its price for the term.

View this deal at TalkTalk broadband

BT Unlimited Infinity 1 | 12 months | Up to 52Mb | Weekend calls | No TV | £9.99 upfront | £28.99pm | £100 BT Reward Card
In its own right, this limited time fibre broadband deal from BT Infinity is pretty good. You get faster download speeds than the two above, unlimited internet and weekend calls to landlines, all for the princely sum of £28.99 a month and £9.99 to cover delivery of the router. But BT is also throwing in a £100 pre-paid Mastercard, making it a fantastic offer – but it ends on 1 June.

View this deal at BT broadband

To compare all of the broadband plans on the market and to make sure you get the internet, TV and phone options that best suit your household, go to our custom-made broadband deals comparison tool.

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